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Educational Materials for Kentucky Educators and Influencers

Kentucky's Beef Producers are committed to the practice of providing quality educational materials that supplement your curriculum. Here is a list of pre-K to grade 12 materials we offer to Kentucky educators.

Only Kentucky educators and health influencers may receive only one free kit from the Kentucky Beef Council unless the price is specified.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Whitney Carman, at (859) 278-0899, or by e-mail, .

Grades 1-6 Health/Nutrition 

MyPyramid for Kids Poster
This is a 22” x 34” poster featuring USDA’s MyPyramid for Kids. It includes eight reproducibles including Daily Amount of Food Suggested from Each Group per Day and by Calorie Level, MyPyramid Worksheet, A Close Look at MyPyramid, Dear Teacher Letter, Tips for Families and a Family Take Home Activity (with recipe).

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


MyPyramid for Kids Tear Pad
Here is 8 ½” x 11” 100-sheet tear pad. It teaches kids the importance of healthy food choices and daily physical activity. The back side includes information to help kids determine the right amount of food from each food group that fits their lifestyle.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


Adventures in Beef
A coloring book describing the journey of three characters; Zinc Man, Iron Woman and Protein Pal. Contains nutritional information, food safety facts and games. It is a great way for children to learn more about nutrition while being creative.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


Power Up With Lean Beef Brochure
This brochure contains great lean beef recipes that are children-friendly: both in taste and difficulty. The brochure has information explaining the MyPyramid and ZIP (Zinc, Iron and Protein). It also contains trivia games and a table for youth to keep track of their daily intake of all the food groups.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


MyPyramid Poster
This is a 22” x 34” poster featuring USDA’s MyPyramid. It includes reproducibles to serve as handouts or for reference: the Anatomy of MyPyramid, information and tips on choosing nutrient-rich foods, MyPyramid’s summarized Key Concepts for Educators, It’s All About You tips, Calorie Levels by Age/Activity, and Daily Amount of Food Suggested from Each Group per Day and by Calorie Level.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


All Grades-Health/Nutrition 

MyPyramid Tear Pad
Contains 8 ½” x 11” 100 sheet tear pad. This pad symbolizes a personalized approach to healthy eating and physical activity. The back side charts the five food groups and suggests daily food amounts from each based on a 2000-calorie diet. 

 PRICE: One Free Per Classroom

Enriching Family Mealtimes
A growing body of research shows that regular family mealtimes have a positive impact on all aspects of a child's development-physical, mental, behavioral, social and educational. The Enhancing Family Mealtimes kit provides school leaders, health professionals and parent volunteers the tools needed to promote family mealtimes in their schools or youth organizations. Contents include "how-to" tips, advice, simple recipes, shopping lists, conversation starters plus many other resources.
PRICE: One Free Per Classroom 

Grade 2-4 Health/Nutrition 

Connect the Dots: Where Does My Food Come From?
This curriculum is an integrated education kit designed for students in grades two and three. As students explore their world, this curriculum helps them to realize that the food system contributes significantly to this world. The lessons in this kit will help you meet the national education standards in science and social studies. This kit challenges the students to think critically about the importance of agriculture beyond the food it provides, it teaches students about food chains and food webs while exploring their family tree and some family history and compare it to families living on Century Farms and  Century Ranches that have been in the same family for over 100  years. 

                                   PRICE: One Free Per Classroom

Grade 3-6 Health/Nutrition 

Meet the Power Foods Mini-Lessons
This is a mini-lesson based on the Choose Well messages that can easily be presented to students by a teacher, registered dietitian, school nurse or a volunteer parent. The Meet the Power Foods Mini-Lesson is a shrink-wrapped package including a Meet the Power Foods poster and a disk that contains: PowerPoint presentation teaching students about MyPyramid, Interactive food label game called Secret Source, presentation for school leaders and parents on school wellness, and a variety of other school wellness resources. There are two slightly different versions of these lessons-Nutrition Educator Edition (for health professionals or non-school personnel) and Classroom Edition (for teachers or school personnel). The student materials on both are appropriate for grades 3-6 but can be adapted for use with older or younger children. PRICE: One Free Per Classroom

Grade 4-5 Math/Nutrition 

Choose Well
This is a Math/Nutrition kit teaching students how to read nutrition labels and choose nutrient-rich foods and appropriate portion sizes. The kit includes a teacher backgrounder, activity guide, video, computer game, 17 masters, and 2 posters.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom

Beef Ag Mag
This packet includes thirty magazines and a teacher’s manual. Using the Beef Ag Mag, students can; read and interpret graphs and text to develop a well-rounded overview of beef, compare nutritional value and fat content of beef with other foods in a healthy diet and discover goods other than food provided by beef for human use and how sports connect to beef.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


Grades 4-5 Social Studies 

Celebrate America
A social studies kit that provides students the opportunity to explore the foods and traditions of diverse cultures. The kit includes a leader guide with master, videos, and a MyPyramid Poster.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


Grade 5-6 Science 

Things We Can Learn From a Cow and a Worm
Contains a 22” x 34” poster demonstrating the positive role ruminants, especially cattle, play in the environment. The reverse side includes a teacher’s guide and reproducible masters.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


Grade 5-8 Environment 

Caretaker's All
This environmentally-based tool kit tells the story of good "caretaking." The two main points addressed by this curriculum are stewardship and animal husbandry. Students will learn about five different environmental issues and in the 6th lesson they learn how to apply those principles learned in their own community.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


Grade 5-12 Health/Nutrition 

Lifestyle Tearpads
Contains colorful 8 ½” x 14” 100-sheet tear pads. Each includes nutrition information, healthful tips, and a delicious recipe. It also contains the articles: Beef Nutrients that Work as Hard as You Do, Everyday Solutions for Everyday Heroes, The Fitness Connection, The Tween Scene, and Childhood Nutrition.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom

Grades 7-12 Consumer Science 

Basics About Beef
A 24-page booklet covering the nutritional benefits of beef as well as all aspects of buying, storing, preparing, and serving beef. It is a 8 ½” x 11” booklet that includes word puzzles and games.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom




School Wellness Program 

School Wellness Tool Kit
A How-to manual with resources and links to agencies and groups. It contains reprints from the School Foodservice and Nutrition Journal, reproducible handouts, MyPyramid poster, and MyPyramid for Kids poster.

PRICE: Free to participants in the School Wellness Program


Grades 2-6 Health/Science 

Wow that Cow
This brochure goes in depth about what cattle contribute to us. It covers the nutritional value of beef and the environmental benefits we get from cattle being here on earth. It also discusses how cattle are recyclers, and even firefighters.

PRICE: One Free Per Classroom


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