Does your County Cattlemen’s Association have the best grilling team in the state of Kentucky?

Prove it, at the Sixth Annual Cattlemen's Cook-Off

January 17th at 4pm at the

Owensboro Convention Center!
  The 2019 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Convention marks the Sixth Annual Cattlemen’s Ribeye Cook-Off. This year, we are adding some more friendly competition to the event and opening up a new cook-off category – the Cattlemen’s Burger Cook-off! 

Teams of up to three members are welcome to enter either the Ribeye Cook-off or Burger Cook-off, or both! Members must be active dues-paying KCA members. Counties may send more than one team, but no more than three teams per county. Single person teams are welcome to compete. Entry fees are $20 per team per contest. 

 Charcoal and gas grills will be provided. Preference is given on a first come, first serve basis. The Kentucky Beef Council will supply the charcoal and lighters and start the grills. Each team is responsible for maintaining the heat.

Please see the rules below for each of the contests. Beef will be provided on-site for both contests. All beef should be handled in a sanitary manner. The Kentucky Beef Council will provide gloves and those gloves should be used anytime raw beef is being handled. 

Recipes that do not follow contest rules will not be qualified to win. Registration is due by January 7th, 2019 to the KCA office. For contests questions and clarification feel free to contact Kiah Twisselman at or (859) 278-0899.





Registration is due January 7th, 2019.

$20 Entry Fee per team per contest

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