Sully's Hangover Helper

Sullivan's Tap House

Chef Inspired Recipe:

Spice up your life with this one of a kind burger! This burger is topped with delicious savory meats that will have your taste buds begging for more. A 6 oz. burger patty is topped with beef brisket, bacon, and beer cheese. For the final topping is a generous pile of fried Tabasco onions for a bit of heat and a whole lot of flavor. 

Kitchen Tips:

  • Beef and bacon make great flavor pairings. Other great flavors that accentuate the "umami" (meaty, savory) flavors are things like barbecue sauce, aged cheese, mushrooms and more.
  • Can't handle the hear? Classic onion rings or french fried onion rings are great flavor additions that add some extra texture to the burger. 


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