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Tailgating with Beef

What would football season be without a tailgate party?! Whether you're grilling out in the parking lot before the big game, or rooting for your team from the comforts of your own home, delicious food completes any good tailgate! Try these delicious burger recipes for the big game - maybe you'll find a few fan favorites along the way.


Beaker's Beer Cheese Burger


As if burgers aren't delicious enough on their own... we topped some with homemade beer cheese! Fire up the grill and make your next backyard cook-out something to brag about. 

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Breakfast Burger


Early morning tailgate party? No problem. Breakfast and burgers go better together than you may think. This is a recipe breakfast lovers will jump for joy over! An all beef patty, crispy bacon, fried egg, a maple-balsamic drizzle all between two waffles. This recipe was curated by Anne Daugherty from Louisville, winner of the 2016 Kentucky State Fair Backyard Burger Contest. 

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Green Chile Burger


This delicious burger was inspired by the Ketch Seafood Grill and featured at Lexington Burger Week 2016. Chili lovers will love this Southwestern flair on a burger!

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Racers Grilled Onion Cheeseburger


You can't go wrong with a classic cheeseburger, but it's always fun to mix things up! Try grilling a whole onion slice to top your burger with, and add savory blue cheese crumbles. This flavor pairing will accentuate the umami - beefy - flavor that we all love. 

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Boone's BBQ Chipotle Burger


America's favorite meal - burgers! This recipe is perfect for your next cook-out, with a sweet and savory Maroon barbecue sauce. Top it all off with pickled okra between two toasted slices of Texas toast. You can't go wrong! 

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Wildcat Burger


So you're a Big Blue fan? Well if you like your cheese blue too, then we have a burger made just for you! Prepare yourself for melted blue cheese crumbles and bacon on a brioche bun. You'll go WILD for the Wildcat burger! 

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Philly Burger


This recipe was inspired by A.P. Suggins Bar & Grill

and featured at the Lexington Burger Week 2016. Turn a classic steak sandwich into a delicious backyard burger with a Philly twist! 

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SHU Burger

This recipe was inspired by Stout Burgers & Beers and featured at the 2017 Louisville Burger Week. This burger will have your taste come alive! 

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Kentucky Hot Brown Burger


The Hot Brown is a Kentucky classic! Why not mix those flavors with another of America's favorite - a burger? Cook up your favorite beef patty mixture, top with homemade mornay sauce, turkey, tomato, and bacon. All the flavors of the hot brown - burger style! 

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Donut Burger


This recipe was inspired by the Kentucky State Fair, a place where food creativity comes to life. But the creativity doesn't have to end there, bring it to the tailgate party! This delicious stack of goodness is all about shock and awe, and a whole lot of YUM. 

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BLT Burger


This recipe was inspired by Drake's and featured at the 2017 Lexington, Cincinnati, & Louisville Burger Weeks. It's a classic burger, with a modern twist!

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Smofried Cafe Derby Burger


This unique burger earned the title of the 2017 Derby Burger Challenge winner, curated by Louisville native Maurice Williams. A cocoa and coffee rubbed burger patty topped with bourbon pickled red onions on a pretzel bun - it's no wonder this burger is a winner! 

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Big Red Burger 


For hungry tailgaters, we present the Big Red burger - a stacked double cheeseburger that is sure to be touchdown! Top things off with some sauteed red bell pepper and some iceberg lettuce for a fresh crunch. 

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